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Kevin Hart And Ice Cube Want You To ?ride Along? Via Their Buddy Comedy?s Trailer

Image Courtesy of RopesofSilicon.com In the meantime, he also wants to wed his longtime girlfriend, but her belligerent and overprotective brother ( Ice Cube ) says, NO! and wouldnt you know it, hes a street smart detective. When Hart s wannabe Romeo asks this cocky cop for his permission to marry, he Farrah Abraham tape decides to prove once and for all that hes unworthy. So Cube invites him along for a ride along, and all manner of PG-13 grade hijinx ensure. The trailer has just been released. See what we mean: Okay, so theres some funny moments here (I especially like Hart s handling of a shotgun during target practice) but this stinks of something that could have been uproarious had the family oriented label been removed and director Tim Story let his actors resort to some Hard-R antics. Granted, the demo being targeted might prefer their home humor a bit tamer, but this premise just cries out for something along the lines of The Heat , or a law enforcement like Hangover. Cube has said that he wants to leave his Hell-raising, joint passing, Fridays behind him for more kiddie oriented concerns, and that might be this movies main problem.
Full story: http://www.technologytell.com/entertainment/34208/kevin-hart-and-ice-cube-want-you-to-ride-along-via-their-buddy-comedys-trailer/

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