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Told You So! Kim Kardashian Admits She Didn't Invite Brody Jenner's Girlfriend To Her Wedding | Reality Tv Magazine

kim-kardashian-admits-she-didn We knew the truth would come out eventually! For months, rumors have been buzzing about why Brody Jenner did not attend Kimyes wedding back in May, and speculation was that he skipped the event because his girlfriend was not invited. Well, guess what? Despite Kardashian and Jenners denial about the reason he did not attend, Kardashian admits in this weekends episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that Jenners girlfriend was not invited. Whats more is that Brody was even more upset because Bruce and Kris Jenner paid for his brother Brandon and his wifes tickets to go to the wedding, but not Brodys. In a preview clip, Kim pulls Bruce Jenner aside, and tells him: I wanted to tell you that I didnt want to say it in front of mom because itll hurt her feelings but I think Brody is upset because you and mom paid for Brandon and Leah. Bruce, however, chalks it up to Brody just being his moody self. So, perhaps the feud is not only between Kim and Brody, but Brody and his dad, along with Kris Jenner?

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